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Lindsay & Danny Balgooyen and Inner Light Revival

Inner Light Revival is led by a brother/sister duo who feel passionate about creating safe containers for authentic heart opening experiences that originate from within.  They facilitate various offerings that allow for a deep connection with self, others, and nature, which often results in deep healing and transformation. Lindsay was able to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years after only a few sessions.
They have dedicated their lives to spreading the simple yet powerful method of Conscious Breathwork. Lindsay and Dan offer river adventures and retreats around the world to ignite a remembrance of our innate wholeness, and that when we find peace and harmony within, our reality will align.   More info at www.innerlightrevival.com

Events with Lindsay & Danny Balgooyen and Inner Light Revival

Shine Alive: Breathwork, Sound, and Water Retreat
July 11, 2019

Join this powerful healing collective for a four day deep dive at SunMountain retreat center in the gorgeous mountains of Manitou Springs.  The loving space this team offers provides the opportunity to activate your innate healing abilities and creativity through connecting deeply with self, others, and nature.  We will be…