Summer is full swing, and the temperatures are on the rise. With 90+ degree days already here, and more on the horizon, many of us are searching for ways to simply keep cool and survive the summer. Beat the heat this summer with SunWater Spa— here’s how!

What to Wear

It can be tough to decide what to wear, especially in Colorado in the summer, where cool morning temperatures clash with the intense sunlight and heat of the afternoon. Generally speaking, the clothing that will keep you as cool as possible will be made of 100% cotton, fit loosely, and incorporate lighter colors. Clothing which is made of 100% cotton and fits loosely allows for airflow near the body, aiding in regulating one’s body temperature. Lighter colored clothing, by nature, tends to absorb less light, and therefore, less heat, keeping you cool during the hot summer months.

Essential Oils


Peppermint essential oil contains a significant amount of menthol. Menthol is known to aid in easing tension headaches and various other aches and pains, as well as providing a cooling, tingling sensation when applied to the skin.  However, please be aware that peppermint oil is quite stimulating and could potentially interfere with your sleepings habit if used too close to bedtime.


Spearmint essential oil works very similarly to Peppermint oil, however, it contains a smaller amount of menthol, making the scent less overbearing and pungent. This oil also provides a cooling, tingling feeling when applied to the skin.


Eucalyptus acts as a nice alternative or complement to Peppermint and Spearmint oils in cooling blends. In addition to its ability to provide a cooling sensation, Eucalyptus essential oils have been known to act as both an anti-inflammatory as well as an expectorant.


As outdoors temperature begin to rise, taking our body temperatures with them, our bodies begin to sweat in an effort to regulate our temperature can keep us (relatively) cool. As sweat exits the body and evaporates, heat is released, cooling our bodies. If at any point you notice that you’re no longer sweating, it is incredibly important that you drink water as soon as possible. Dehydration can come on quickly and without warning, lack of sweat is one of the first signs. Find the nearest water station (or mineral springs, if you’re in Manitou Springs) and fill up your water bottle ASAP!

Minerals for Cooling and Hydration


Though sweating helps to regulate your body temperature, you lose a TON of electrolytes through sweating. Electrolytes are minerals in your body which carry an electric charge. These molecules affect the amount of water within your body, the acidity of your blood, your muscle function, and so much more.

You can pick up electrolyte tabs for your water at nearly any natural health store, or enjoy bottled water which contains electrolytes to ensure that you are maintaining your electrolyte levels!


Looking to cool your house without turning on the AC? House plants can help by absorbing the hot air for their own life processes, and adding humidity to the room through transpiration, or the process by which water evaporates from the leaves of the plant. More specifically, Aloe Vera, Ficus trees, and ferns are particularly adept at improving air temperature within a room.


Having a healing mineral water soak can also help keep you cool in the summer, as crazy as it may sound. Similarly to the cooling phenomena created when one sweats, the evaporation of the warm waters as your rise from one of our seven cedar soaking tubs can help cool you as well. When the water evaporates from your skin, it releases humidity into the air, as well as the heat that is trapped within the skin.

Cooling Foods for Summer


Ever heard the phrase “cool as a cucumber?” Well, there might just be some truth behind it. Cucumbers are naturally super hydrating and delicious! These delicious vegetables will help keep you hydrated and provide a crisp, refreshing taste to keep you feeling your best!


No day at the beach is complete without a watermelon snack, but why only consume watermelon at the beach? Watermelon is a great seasonal fruit; like cucumber, it is extremely hydrating, and the cool, crispy flavor is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revived.


Originally cultivated in China, peaches are another awesome seasonal pick. Peaches are particularly delectable this time of year (especially Colorado’s own Palisade peaches), and are rich in vitamin a and c, making them a delicious and nutritious way to keep cool!

Yoga Poses for Cooling Down

Spinal Twists

Twisting poses help cool the blood and release excess heat from the abdomen, particularly from the small intestine and liver. Seated twists, or twist performed while lying down down are particularly cooling. Try Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Spinal Twist) and Supta Matsyendrasana (Reclined Spinal Twist) to release some of your internal heat!

Gentle Backbends

While some backbends can be warming, gentle backbends apply beneficial pressure to release tension and dissipate excess heat from the mid-abdomen, much like spinal twists.  Bujangasana (Baby Cobra), Matsyasana (Fish) and Bandhasana (Bridge) are helpful to integrate into your cooling yoga practice.

Forward Bends

Forward bends physically cool the body, calm the spirit, and are essential to counteract internal heat. Paschimottasana (Seated Forward Bend) and Balasana (Child’s Pose) are perfect ways to relax and cool the body toward the end of a practice.