Mitzi Pasternak

Mitzi is the Lead Aquatic Therapist at SunWater Spa. She has a BA in Education, BFA in Dance, is a Certified Watsu Practitioner (1996), Waterdance Practitioner (1999), and a Watsu Therapist (2000).


She was the owner of Manitou Watsu for a decade and now practices exclusively at SunWater Spa. She brings many years of experience to each session, with careful attention to client’s individual needs. The combination of warm water and Watsu movements creates a wide range of therapeutic benefits and often a deeply tranquil state of mind.


Mitzi says, “By the end of a session clients frequently tell me, ‘I have never felt so relaxed in my life’. I am very grateful for the opportunity to silently connect with each of my clients in this peaceful and nurturing environment.”


A mother, friend, dancer, gardener, hiker, and lifelong learner, Mitzi is currently in Thai Yoga Therapy training and ongoing Watsu trainings. She continues to grow the ways in which she brings this unique aquatic bodywork to guests. She also enjoys working with and supporting the amazing aquatic staff here at SunWater Spa.


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