Heather Klein

Massage Therapist
Heather has always had an interest in the wonder that is the human body and is fascinated by all of the creative ways our bodies work to support us. When she had the opportunity to learn the art that is massage therapy, it was clear she had found a perfect fit. Additionally, she is a 200RYT yoga instructor, and earned a certificate as a CrossFit coach in 2013, both of which have only enhanced her understanding of the workings of our physical bodies. Heather’s personal journey through health, wellness, and fitness has reinforced that she loves working with clients to achieve their optimum level of health through therapeutic touch. She has been providing excellent bodywork since 2002.


Heather’s clients benefit from her considerable experience, her certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Release, and her ability to customize each guest’s therapy with every visit. Those she works with generally report feeling profound peace and relief or complete resolution of their pain and discomfort. Heather is frequently humbled by exclamations of: “That was the best massage I have ever had”, ” Thank you for being so present”, and “I can tell you really love what you do”.


If this sounds like the experience you are seeking, Heather would be honored to work with you.