Dhrsta Govinda

Dhrsta was born on a beach in New Jersey and has always loved the ocean. He then fell in love with the mountains while growing up in Colorado. As a young man he played lacrosse at Colorado College, was a high altitude yogi gardener in Crestone and Illinois, hand milked cows in West Virginia, and swam in big rivers in Tennessee after kirtana sessions.


He met his wife at Govinda’s temple in Denver, got married in North Carolina at an ahimsa dairy yoga farm, visited his first kombucha bar in Hawaii, and cut his pony tail off in Costa Rica.


He has lived in Colorado Springs for over ten years all together, and during this time has helped open breweries, delivered outpatient medical equipment to people’s homes, and done a lot more gardening!


He got his Neuromuscular certification and massage therapy training at the Colorado Institute for Massage Therapy.


As a massage therapist Dhrsta holds true to the principles of self-care and often receives bodywork such as Rolfing, Marma therapy, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, MELT, light work, and kirtana.


Living up by Cheyenne Canyon, he loves to hit the trails and explore the seasons, watch the sun set against the clouds, smell the trees and flowers, and sit in cold streams focusing on breath and nature!