Devon Weiland bio photo

Devon Weiland

Massage Therapist
Devon was born, raised, and trained in Massage Therapy in Denver. He went to school at the Denver School of Massage Therapy, where he got a well rounded education in most of the common Western and Eastern modalities. Outside of school, Devon has done independent research on conditions and surgeries of the anterior torso, giving him some unique skills in massaging persons with visceral, fascial, and muscular problems in these often ignored areas.


While in Denver, Devon worked at a spa, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage chain, hotel, and independently. This variety makes him ready to provide care for any type of person, whether their needs are to relax, recover from an injury, or fix a chronic condition.


Devon’s specialty is a Medium-Deep, Swedish-Myofascial style, designed to combine a relaxing experience with intentional structural integration to repair short or long term pain. His experience working with chiropractors has him ready to help you make a long term health plan if you are ready for it. He also enjoys performing body treatments to exfoliate and moisturize your skin!