Sophie Poppele


“In between ideas of right doing and wrong doing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.
And when the soul lies down in that grass,
the world will be too big to talk about.”


I started hot yoga to lose weight. I was 15.
I felt the pressure of the outside world to be and look a certain way, so I looked to change myself. However, that intention quickly changed upon the attendance of my first hot yoga class.


I was hooked.
The class spoke of empowerment, mindset, strength and loving exactly the way you are. It was so much more than I thought. I ended up working front desk at the yoga studio, and I watched a yoga teacher training unfold before me. In a class during that time period, I decided I was going to be the one teaching people some day.


Upon an intuitive hit I received, I signed up for my 200 hour training in Hatha & vinyasa styles when I was 17 years old. I more recently attended Abhinam School of Ashtanga yoga in Goa, India for my 300 hour teacher training, and have an affinity for yoga’s counterpart, Ayurveda.


The lessons that I learned in these trainings are invaluable, and I aim to share the magnitude of knowledge that yoga and Ayurveda provides with those looking to free their minds, bodies and spirits from negative external influences, physical and mental imbalances, and strengthen their union to the Divine that is all around and within them.


This system is so much more than poses, I cannot express that enough. If you allow, the magic of yoga can burn pathways through the darkness to unveil your inner light, revealing the purposeful, loving being you are. And you have a purpose in this life.


Mine is to help you find it.