Julie Berg


Julie Berg

Julie Berg has been a practitioner of flow and movement from a very young age. Thirty plus years of dance training, horseback riding, piano, yoga, and art have all been the soil that her teaching practice is rooted in. She a versatile teacher with the ability to make any student of any experience level feel comfortable and supported in her classes. She calls her overall instruction style “user-friendly” because it is simple and compassionate with no extremes or shoulds. Just show up as you are, practice kindness, and allow yourself to grow.


Her teaching style has to do with mindset. It is influenced by brain building neuroscience, positive psychology methods, and steeped in meditation and mindfulness practices of all kinds.


Julie was the creator and owner of The Bija Studio. Bija was a local yoga studio and Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training school for 9 years where she studied and developed unique personal growth, yoga, barre, fitness fusion practices, programs, and workshops.


Julie is a Certified Health Coach, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner, and Neuromuscular Therapist. Julie is also certified in prenatal and kid’s yoga and has a White Belt in Nia. She now focuses on her newest creation, Mindset Movement, which supports anyone who wants to open their mind and enhance creativity.