Chris Dwyer

A former federal grant-maker and non-profit fundraiser turned local foods advocate, urban farmer, and Manitou inn-keeper, Chris Dwyer has worn many hats in his near half-century of living. But nothing evokes his passion like yoga. “It’s the ultimate, embodied path to Self realization,” he says, “and to connecting with one’s community.”


Trained at Shoshone Mountain Ashram, Chris teaches SunWater’s most highly attended class, World Community Yoga, every Sunday at 10 a.m. The donation-based, all-levels hatha yoga class offers a mix of breathing technique, dynamic movement, static poses, and partner work. The class is offered in Chris’ particular style that minds the fundamentals even as it encourages expansion of one’s boundaries. A certified coreSomatics practitioner and Theta Healer, he often incorporates progressive relaxation exercises and, for interested students, a light, energetic touch.


Chris invites everyone to explore yoga as part of their path. “People come to yoga for many reasons–to find poise in life, to challenge themselves, to transcend self-imposed limitations, and to genuinely connect with others who share their desire to grow. What a privilege it is to be part of their journey and to reach new heights together.”