Ashlyn Zamora

Ashlyn’s style is wild by nature, yet also with the foundation of the traditions of Hatha Yoga, which simply means “Flowing with Nature”. Ashlyn flows freely from the heart as she shares the infinite practices of Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra and gentle Asana. Her San Kulpa(Intention) is for her students to tap into their already existing omnipotent and omnipresent BLISS. Her speciality lies within deep relaxation and free flowing movement.


Ashlyn quickly started teaching soon after leading the Yoga Bike Ride and teaching Inspired Hatha and Shakti Vinyasa in Austin. In 2016 Ashlyn moved to Colorado Springs where she found her yoga tribe at Cambio Yoga with teachers, Amber Richman, Austin Richman, Lora Lantz, Kari Kwinn, Dr Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, and Leslie McWilliams. In January 2017 she began her 300hr yoga teaching training. Now a graduate of 500 hrs, she continues to deepen her practice and teaching style. By following the path her Dharma(life purpose), she has since started her own business in December 2016 Bliss Booch Kombucha. In March 2018 she opened up a brick- and mortar location of Bliss Booch named, Bliss Barr and Conscious Kitchen in Manitou Springs.