SunWater Spa has one private and seven public cedar pools available for use. All eight of these tubs are filled with mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring; the same water which flows from the Manitou Karst aquifer. The health-giving waters from our aquifer filter through deep underground cracks, crevasses, and rock faults, infusing the water through its journey with the highly sought-after health granting minerals.


Using our array of solar panels, the water’s temperature is raised generally to between 100 to 104 degrees. As it heats, the cedar oil is extracted, first changing the color of the water to a yellow tint, sometimes followed by a rich, dark red. By drawing the oils out of the wood, SunWater Spa is essentially creating a cedar tea. This unique process introduces the soothing and healing properties of the cedar oil, promoting healthy skin, a soothed respiratory system, and an enjoyable, relaxing, and aromatic sensation.

When visiting SunWater Spa,  your 2-hour soaking pass gives you access to our 7 community cedar tubs, a hot and cold plunge pool, traditional and infrared saunas, and a meditation stream. When not in use for classes, events, or private therapies, you will also have access to our two yoga studios- the Heart Center and the Cloud Lounge- as well as our heated saline therapy pool in our Garden Level.


SunWater Spa strives to provide a quiet oasis of peace, wellness, and community, and we invite all of our guests to join us in creating that space for all who visit.

Children, aged six and older, who are at least 42 inches tall are permitted to soak. Please read more about our age policy on our FAQ page.


Two-Hour Soak – $25
5-Soak Package – $100



Add a two-hour soak to any service – $15



Enjoy a stunning view as you relax and enjoy nature in our private cedar tub.
• $35/hr per person *


* An additional 2 hour soak in our community tubs can be added to your private soaking experience for $15 per person. 4 person maximum.

Spa Hours:


2pm – 10pm
8am – 10pm