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Date & Time Details: January 19 through 27, 2019

Location: SunMountain Center

Address: 336 El Paso Blvd. Manitou Springs, CO 80829


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Thai Yoga Practitioner Training

With Phoebe Diftler and Kat Tudor

January 19 - 27, 2019

A Ritam Healing Arts training: a complete, deep, and transformational experience

This practitioner training and certificate program is a transformational experience that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit. In this course you will learn this powerful healing art and gain a deeper understanding of the body, mind, and healing process on all levels.

In addition, this training will give you the skill and immediate tools to work with people after the training and tips to set up a successful healing practice. It integrates Thai Yoga Therapy with the root teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, along with anatomy, therapeutics, Thai Yoga therapy, holistic healing, and spiritual practice.

This immersion training is an empowering and life affirming experience that will help move you to the next level in your healing practice and life journey.

Each day will begin with a healing yoga and meditation practice. There are two 3-hour sessions of Thai Yoga Therapy class, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon.

During the afternoons, there is free time for resting, hiking, receiving healing treatments, or just soaking in SunWater’s hot mineral springs tubs. In the evening, there is a relaxed evening class with a talk on different aspects of healing and Thai Yoga Therapy and time for questions.


  • 50 + hours of instruction & practice with senior teachers Phoebe Diftler and Kat Tudor
  • How to structure and give a full body Thai Yoga Therapy session (including three traditional positions; front, back and sitting)
  • Theory and therapy of energy lines & marma points
  • Restorative yoga poses to facilitate deep relaxation
  • Applied Hatha yoga stretching and breathing exercises
  • Principles of energy healing (pranic healing)
  • Daily healing yoga practice to harmonize, heal and strengthen your own body, mind and spirit
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • How to read bodies, chakras and major energy points
  • How to work in a meditative state of mind, helping your partner to experience a deeply relaxed altered state
  • History and theoretical foundations of Thai Yoga Therapy
  • How to use Thai Yoga Therapy to treat individual differences, unique body types, and health needs
  • Holistic Healing / Dynamic laws of Healing
  • Meditation for Healing, Peace & Self-Knowledge
  • Therapeutic treatments for common ailments (back pain, headache, fatigue, etc.)

Thai Yoga Therapy

The healing art of Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. It is a unique and powerful system, which combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, yogic stretching exercises, gentle twisting, energy work, and meditation. Thai Yoga Therapy stimulates and balances the flow of healing energy within the body, opening the areas which are blocked, bringing the person deeper into balance and harmony for greater health, happiness, and wellness of being.

About This Style of Thai Yoga Bodywork

This school of Thai Yoga Bodywork was founded in 1998 by Saul David Raye. The emphasis is on understanding the fundamentals of Thai Therapy according to yogic principles and practices, and in developing an intuitive and authentic healing practice unique to each person in which healing and transformation arise naturally. Saul lived and studied with his primary teacher, Asokanada (Harald Brust), a true master of this art who has influenced many students throughout the world. Saul’s teachings are heart centered and intuitive, which resonates with many people. For over 15 years, Saul has practiced, taught, and shared this practice with hundreds of people. He has now passed the work on to his senior students who continue to share the work in their own authentic style. Combining their own unique approach with the traditional, they are wonderful healers and educators in their own right.

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Phoebe Diftler
Phoebe Diftler’s primary focus for the past decade has been Thai Yoga Therapy education.  She encourages an atmosphere of humor, individuality and creativity and guides her students to facilitate the movement of energy thru their clients body to help them become the instrument of their own healing.  She is the…
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Kat Tudor
Kat Tudor is a visionary artist, healer, and yoga teacher in Manitou Springs, Colorado where she is the heart and soul of SunWater Spa and SunMountain Center. Her gift is inventing ways for the creative arts and the healing arts to meet.  Kat brings her innovative and multi-dimensional touch to…
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