Manitou Meditation for Peace, Our Sacred Waters

at SunWater Spa

with Sacred Self ~ Center for Crystal Attunement and Healing Arts


Thursday, November 14 | 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm


Your donations graciously accepted
Add a two-hour soak in our mineral-water pools to your experience for only $15


Experience a short, guided meditation using Tiger’s Eye, followed by a period of deep relaxation as you listen to the sounds of ancient Tibetan singing bowls.


Did you know an adult human body is over 60% water? Additionally, your heart and brain are about 75% water and your lungs are 90% water! Connect with the water and creative center of our sacral chakra. Meditate on the powerful effects our thoughts, labels, and words have on the water inside us.


Each participant will be given a complimentary Tiger’s Eye cabochon to use during the meditation and take home after the event. If you have participated in previous meditations, please bring your Faden crystal.


Deborah Felton and her husband, David, have been Reiki masters for nearly two decades and Manitou Springs residents for over twenty-two years. Deborah is certified in several crystal healing modalities, both for people and animals. Combining Reiki, crystals, and meditation along with Tibetan singing bowls has helped Deborah to reverse her own Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Now she is sharing these gifts with others in person and online. You can contact her through her Facebook page: Sacred Self Center for Crystal Attunement & Healing Arts.


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