Woman soaking in Hot Tub with view of Pikes Peak at SunWater Spa

SunWater Spa


Where does the water at SunWater Spa come from?

SunWater Spa’s tubs are filled with mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring, the same water which flows from the Manitou karst aquifer. The healing waters from our aquifer have filtered for thousands of years through deep underground cracks, crevasses, and rock faults, infusing the water through its journey with the highly sought-after minerals.

What is that I see when I look in the water?

Looking into our cedar tubs, you may notice sediment or a cloudy substance that is the result of a buildup of naturally occurring minerals: calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, lithium, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium, sulfate, and zinc. These minerals create a sediment in and around the tubs, which is not harmful to you in any way. We embrace the phenomenon as proof of the potency of our water.

Why cedar tubs?

Cedar oils are used for aromatherapy and have an array of skin care and medicinal benefits. The cedar scent is useful in easing fear, nervousness, tension, and stress. In addition to cedar’s aromatherapy effects, many holistic health practitioners agree that cedar oil has added medicinal benefits. When used topically, cedar oil can soothe pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Through its analgesic qualities, the oil also relieves cough and congestion.


As our water heats, cedar oil from the walls of the tubs is extracted, first changing the color of the water to a yellow tint, sometimes followed by a rich dark red. By drawing the oils out of the wood, SunWater Spa is essentially creating a cedar tea. This unique process introduces the soothing and healing properties of the cedar oil to promote healthy skin, a soothed respiratory system, and an enjoyable and relaxing aromatic sensation.

What is the smell in the water?

SunWater Spa uses a three-part Clear Comfort sanitation system to ensure the purity of our natural mineral water for your safety and enjoyment.


1.) Oxidation: Oxygen, one of the strongest-known cleansing agents, is added to the water. This technology sanitizes our water using a process similar to the way that air is naturally purified in the atmosphere. An advanced oxidation process creates hydroxyl radicals to provide powerful, immediate, and enduring sanitation.


2.) Ultraviolet Light: The water passes through a high-intensity UV light which is effective in killing bacteria. This light destroys bacterial DNA so that microbes cannot function or reproduce and eventually die.


3.) Hydrogen Peroxide: Within our unique filtration system, oxygen and hydrogen molecules bond to create hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide eliminates organic proteins and naturally disinfects the water.


It is a Colorado state requirement that these bodies of water maintain a minimum level of three to five ppm chlorine. We also use very low amounts of bromine, which is naturally found in the ocean, to maintain our guests’ safety and the integrity of our mineral water.

Why is this tub closed/cold?

SunWater Spa routinely drains, cleans, and sterilizes the pools. The majority of the cleaning is done from Sunday at 8pm to Monday at 2pm, but circumstances arise where tubs need to be cleaned during other times. Depending on the weather as well as cleaning and refilling schedules, tubs may also be closed in order to bring them to temperature. Indoor pools are not affected by inclement weather.


Please note that we close all outdoor tubs in the event of lightning. Our front desk staff will alert you of any approaching storms and current weather closures.

This pool has a cover on it. What does this mean?

During colder weather, we place these covers to help maintain, and/or build, a suitable temperature for soaking. As a rule, the blue plastic covers are to be removed and replaced when guests are finished soaking. This can be done by a guest, or a SunWater Spa representative, if assistance is necessary. The thick, brown covers are for long-term reheating. These covers are extremely heavy and unwieldy, and therefore are to be removed only by a SunWater Spa representative.

Is the water in the indoor pools different from the water used outside?

Yes. Our main therapy pool, as well as the indoor hot and cold plunges on the garden level, are filled with water from a municipal source with added saline. We have chosen saline because of its buoyant properties, which helps our guests float more easily. This added effect makes these bodies of water much more ideal for our water therapies.

Can I drink the water?

Because of the aforementioned sanitation measures, we ask that you avoid drinking from the waterfalls, water features, and soaking pools used in our facility. In the nearby park you can find the Seven Minute Spring, the main water source for SunWater Spa, which is celebrated for its rejuvenating effects of body, mind, and spirit.

What do I need to bring and/or wear?

Please help us in our mission of sustainability! We appreciate you bringing a towel, robe, slippers/Sandals, water bottle, and a garment bag to keep personal items in while you are on-site.


While soaking, you are required to wear a bathing suit at all times. Soaking in underwear or nude is not permitted.

Do I need to shower before using the facilities?

Yes. To fully experience the benefits of our mineral tubs and by requirement of Colorado State law, we ask that all guests use the provided showers to help maintain the integrity of our hygienic conditions.

Do you have lifeguards on duty?

We do not have lifeguards on duty, please use all SunWater Spa amenities and services at your own risk.

I'm concerned that the high-winds or weather will close the outdoor facilities. will the indoor pools be open today?

SunWater Spa staff has the safety of its guests in mind at all times. If inclement weather is imminent, we will close the outdoor facilities, but indoor amenities may remain open. Occasionally the spa may close entirely at the discretion of the spa director. You can stay up-to-date on all facility closures by calling the front desk at (719) 695-7007, visiting the front page of our website at or by visiting our Facebook page at



Cancelation policy for soaking

24 hour cancelation policy.

If you need to cancel, please do so 24 hours in advance for a refund and to reschedule your soak. No shows and no calls, do not qualify for a refund. If you are experiencing covid-like symptoms, or have been exposed we ask you call us right away so we can either refund or reschedule your appointment. For a complete outline of our cancelation policy, please visit our cancelation page.
What is the temperature of the water?

Our tubs range from 100º to 104º F

Are masks required?


For wellness facilities, the CDC continues to recommend that masks are worn regardless of vaccination status.


In an effort to keep our guests, staff, and therapists safe, anyone entering our center is REQUIRED to wear a mask while moving about the facility. You may remove your mask when you are in the tubs, pool, sauna, and shower.


If you have a medical condition or other restriction which prevents you from wearing a mask, please speak with the operations director.

Spa Services and Appointments

How can I make an appointment for a treatment, facial, massage, etc.?

You can make your appointment through our website or by calling us between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, at 1-719-695-7007 (local) or 1-866-SUNWATER


Can I book an appointment for today?

If our schedule has any openings, we do allow same-day reservations with payment upon booking.


I would like to make a reservation, but I may need to cancel if my plans change. What are my options?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time by calling (719) 695-7007. If less than 24 hours notice is given, 100% of the treatment value will be charged to the credit card on file. If an appointment is missed, 100% of the treatment value will be charged.

Where can I find more information on your Spa Services and book an appointment?

You may find information on all our spa services and book your massage, body treatment, aqua therapy, thai yoga therapy, facial, or wax by visiting us online at

Do I need to tip my practitioner after my treatment or service?

Our qualified team of licensed therapists strives to make your spa experience memorable and relaxing, therefore gratuity is included in the price of each service.

Are the products used in the treatments available for purchase?

Yes, most products used in SunWater Spa treatments are available in our retail area.

Cancelation policy for Spa Services

We value the time of all of our guests and therapists, and ask that you do the same. Single appointments canceled or rescheduled less than 24-hours prior to service, multiple bookings, and packages canceled or rescheduled less than 48-hours prior to services, and no-shows will not be refunded. For a complete outline of our cancelation policy, please visit our cancelation page.


Are lockers available?

We do not have lockers available at this time for use due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bring a garment bag for your personal use, while at the spa.

Do you provide drinks and snacks?

We do provide drinks at the spa for purchase. We also have an onsite food truck to purchase food items during your stay.

Where should I park?

SunWater Spa has a select few parking spots directly in front of the spa. We also have 12 reserved parking spaces in the Hiawatha Gardens parking lot located at 10 Old Mans Trail. Across the street from the spa is free parking for the town of Manitou Springs, which is open to spa guests.

Spa Policies

What is your policy on nudity?

Wearing clothes is required at all times in the spa. During your massage, it is optional to remain clothed; if you choose to be nude, you will need to be discreetly covered. You will be receiving a professional service and if at anytime there is inappropriate language or actions, the massage will be terminated immediately. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who engages in inappropriate behavior towards any staff member or guest.

Am I allowed to use my electronic device while at SunWater Spa?

In order to preserve the quiet and tranquil nature of this sacred place, the entire spa area is a designated whisper zone. Please do not take loud and involved phone calls or play music on your devices. Cameras are acceptable as long as they are used respectfully and discreetly. Phone calls may be taken outside the walls of the facility. All devices, including phones, are to be silenced or turned off completely upon entering the facility.

What is your policy on alcohol, marijuana, smoking, and weapons or firearms?

We are a zero-tolerance facility in regards to alcohol, all legal and illegal drugs, cigarettes, and weapons or firearms. If you disrespect our policy, you will be asked to leave the facility without a refund.

I’m pregnant. What activities are safe for my pregnancy?

Please contact your doctor or physician with any concern you may have before visiting SunWater Spa.

What are your age policies?

Children 14 and older are allowed into the spa accompanied by an adult who is present through the soaking session. When scheduling spa services for minors 14 and older, be aware a parent or guardian must be present at the beginning, and may be required to remain during entire service. Saunas require a person to be at least 18. No person below the age of 18 will be permitted to use the saunas with or without a guardian.

What is your policy on animals?

No pets are permitted at the Spa with the exception of service dogs. We strongly discourage guests from leaving their pet unattended in, or tied to, their car.

I think I left something at the spa!

Please make every attempt to take your belongings with you. All items will be donated, within in 24 hours due to COVID-19

I would like to apply to work at SunWater. What do I need to do to apply?

Thank you for your interest in SunWater Spa! We are always accepting applications. To review the positions we have available, please visit our Careers page.

I represent a media outlet and would like to feature SunWater Spa. Whom do I contact for high-resolution photos, company logos, or to schedule an interview or facility walkthrough?

Please email with all media requests.


What is Manitou Springs like?

Manitou Springs is a small, majestic town nestled into the foothills of Pikes Peak. The town was established in the late 1800s as a scenic health resort. Visitors traveled from all over the world to experience the healing spring water that is native to the region. To this day, Manitou Springs remains a natural and tranquil escape, which makes it the perfect place to recharge and relax. In addition to Manitou’s natural splendor, the picturesque town has an abundance of dining and entertainment options to keep you entertained.

Thursday Night Drum Circles (May through September)

Manitou Springs is home to an art community nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak. Memorial Park across the street features frequent cultural events to enjoy. One of these events is the Thursday Evening Drum Circle. Please note if you are making plans to visit us between the months of May and September, Thursday evenings are filled with the sounds of live drumming and Manitou vibes from 6-9:30 PM. For more information about these events, please visit the drum circle Facebook page.