By Alyssa Karpa / June 3, 2019

Sue Buell, Watsu Practitioner

Sue Buell is a Watsu practitioner with a massage therapy and yoga teaching background. Her creative sessions bring these forms of healing together while adding the element of water. Sue loves to customize each therapy for her clients, depending on their needs.   1. How long have you been a Watsu practitioner? What was the path that led you into this practice? I have been a practitioner of Watsu for three years. I started learning it in 2006 as part of an advanced massage therapy program called Phenomenal Touch Massage. The feeling of being the wave to initiate the client's movement on land is more intensely felt in the water, so it was the perfect training for me. I knew in 1984, when I experienced my first Watsu treatment, that one day I would be giving the treatment. It was an immediate hook-up deep within! And here I am, thanks to SunWater Spa!   2. What gift does your work offer your guests? What do you want your guests to walk away feeling and thinking? Timelessness and spaciousness are the gifts of my treatments. To be supported and held in ways that create trust to facilitate release of this time/space...

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By admin / May 23, 2019

Refresh Your Spring Wellness Routine

From warm soaking to soothing meditation, all of us need little fixes, routines and treats to keep us centered and sane. By sharon w. House and the sunwellness team   Refreshing your tired old wellness routine can be as simple as embracing the healing power of water or becoming more aware of your breath. Try adding Epsom salts or lavender to your home bathtub for a restorative soak, or discovering Watsu, as well as the cedar tubs at SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs, Colorado, to naturally boost your wellness regime. (more…)

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By Alyssa Karpa / April 30, 2019

Rachel Jacobs: Massage Therapist and Watsu Aquatic Therapy Practitioner

Rachel started working at SunWater Spa in November of 2016. She offers traditional massage therapies, Thai yoga massage, body treatments, and Watsu aquatic therapy. She enjoys being creative and expressive through art, yoga, and dancing. She loves playing outdoors and camping. Her current life goals are to visit all of the hot springs in Colorado, meditate with the redwoods and giant sequoias in the Northwest, and pet every dog she meets along the way.  How long have you been a massage/watsu practitioner and what was the path that led you into bodywork?   I have been practicing massage for 15 years. Coming in to this practice was one of life's amazing moments where I was moved toward my calling without understanding that it was what I was destined to do. I worked in the medical field for several years, including positions in doctor's offices, long term care facilities, and hospice care. I always felt a little discouraged in knowing I wanted to help people feel better, but I felt like I wasn't quite hitting the mark. I knew I had more potential to help people in a different way, I just didn't know what that way was. I signed up...

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By Alyssa Karpa / April 11, 2019

Spring Detox: Three Treatments to Health, Energy, and Harmony

The changing of the seasons is a wonderful time to reset our body, mind, and spirit. It’s a practice I follow particularly in fall and spring. When autumn rolls around, I usually allow myself twenty-one days to prepare for the colder months; but in the spring, I honor traditions from many cultures and dive deep into a forty-day cleanse.   In the article, “The Mysterious Number 40” on the Humanity Healing University website, it is stated, “In every sacred reading from ancient traditions, we see the mentioning of the 40 days as precursors in creating a favorable environment for change and the deep preparation of the heart through the purging of the old and of obstacles in order to receive a new set of instructions and preparation for a new phase in life.”   Forty seems fitting for spring, and here I’ll share my journey of three different services I received at SunWater Spa to support my purging of the old to pave the way for the new.   Juniper Lymphatic Massage Knowing the best first step was to support my immune system, I began with the Juniper Lymphatic massage. Combining traditional Swedish and lymphatic techniques, this massage supports the body’s...

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