Sue Buell, Watsu Practitioner

Sue Buell is a Watsu practitioner with a massage therapy and yoga teaching background. Her creative sessions bring these forms of healing together while adding the element of water. Sue loves to customize each therapy for her clients, depending on their needs.


1. How long have you been a Watsu practitioner? What was the path that led you into this practice?

I have been a practitioner of Watsu for three years. I started learning it in 2006 as part of an advanced massage therapy program called Phenomenal Touch Massage. The feeling of being the wave to initiate the client’s movement on land is more intensely felt in the water, so it was the perfect training for me. I knew in 1984, when I experienced my first Watsu treatment, that one day I would be giving the treatment. It was an immediate hook-up deep within! And here I am, thanks to SunWater Spa!


2. What gift does your work offer your guests? What do you want your guests to walk away feeling and thinking?

Timelessness and spaciousness are the gifts of my treatments. To be supported and held in ways that create trust to facilitate release of this time/space consciousness is a rare feeling these days.


3. What is your personal philosophy or mantra?

My personal purpose in this life is to support and aid transformation of myself and others. Like butterflies emerging in perfect and timely order to experience one miracle of change after another. When it is right….ahhh….let the celebration continue!


4. What is one self-care suggestion you offer to your guests?

Most often from my connection with massage and yoga, my offering to clients has to do with postural awareness. In the water, skewness is very apparent, more so than on land. I help guests notice things that are so habitual, they’ve never even been aware of them.  From there, we explore a few stretches or new alignments to make into habits.


5. In your opinion, what makes SunWater Spa stand out from other wellness centers or spas?

 I am weekly amazed at the intensity of caring that I feel from each employee toward every client. This is not a machine that runs well. SunWater Spa is a complex heart that runs well!