Self Lymphatic Massage

Your lymphatic system promotes the production of precious white blood cells, which are the little power houses of your immune system, while also acting as a network of channels for white blood cells to travel though and monitor your body for any infections.


Lymphatic massage is a useful technique that helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve circulation, alleviate joint pain, improve your digestion, help with migraine symptoms, and strengthen your immune system.


When you are unable to visit a massage therapist for a lymphatic massage, there are simple techniques you may conduct at home using light touch and a bath sponge, loofah, or brush.


  1. Begin with your arms, one at a time. In the area closest to your armpit, gently brush up, towards your armpit, which is where your lymph nodes live. Repeat this gentle brushing movement for several minutes while you gradually move downward toward your hand, making sure that you are always brushing up, towards your torso. Make sure you brush both the front and back of your arms.


  1. Continue with your legs, one at a time. Start brushing close to your groin area, moving up towards your groin and the lymph nodes located there. Then move down the leg toward your foot, again making sure that you are always brushing up towards your torso. Make sure you brush the front and back of both legs.


  1. Finish by using your fingertips to locate the pea-sized lymph nodes under your jaw bone and press gently but firmly on the nodes, pulsating to stimulate circulation. 


After you are finished your lymphatic massage, drink at least two to four glasses of water throughout the rest of the day to help hydrate and detox. Hydration is key to provide our bodies with one of the most crucial nutrients: water.