Rachel Jacobs: Massage Therapist and Watsu Aquatic Therapy Practitioner

Rachel started working at SunWater Spa in November of 2016. She offers traditional massage therapies, Thai yoga massage, body treatments, and Watsu aquatic therapy. She enjoys being creative and expressive through art, yoga, and dancing. She loves playing outdoors and camping. Her current life goals are to visit all of the hot springs in Colorado, meditate with the redwoods and giant sequoias in the Northwest, and pet every dog she meets along the way.


How long have you been a massage/watsu practitioner and what was the path that led you into bodywork?


I have been practicing massage for 15 years. Coming in to this practice was one of life’s amazing moments where I was moved toward my calling without understanding that it was what I was destined to do. I worked in the medical field for several years, including positions in doctor’s offices, long term care facilities, and hospice care. I always felt a little discouraged in knowing I wanted to help people feel better, but I felt like I wasn’t quite hitting the mark. I knew I had more potential to help people in a different way, I just didn’t know what that way was. I signed up for massage school in Colorado Springs never having had a massage before or even knowing what being a massage therapist was about. I went in to it blindly, but I felt guided to take the journey, so I trusted my intuition. I am so thankful that I did. Massage therapy has been my passion for my entire career. I feel so lucky to be someone who feels like I have ultimately found a trade where my talent and intuition blend together with my passion for service to others, allowing me to experience deep joy in my work. 

More recently I have also become a certified Watsu practitioner and have been offering aquatic therapies at SunWater Spa for the past year and a half. The path leading me to this treasure was similar yet very different from my decision to become a massage therapist. I began again by blindly following my intuition and signing up for a Watsu therapy as a birthday gift to myself, I had never heard of Watsu and had no idea what it was, other than you were in the water and that sounded great to me! I had a one hour session with Mitzi and it changed my life. I was blown away by the experience and I immediately thought to myself “Whatever this is I need to be a part of it. I need to share Watsu with the world.” So I began my journey to becoming a Watsu practitioner, which also facilitated a deep journey within myself. Receiving and subsequently giving Watsu is a profound healing experience for me. I’ve learned and grown to love and accept myself so much more through this healing therapy.


What gift does your work offer your guests? What do you want your guests to walk away feeling/thinking?


I feel that every person who comes to me to receive a therapy is a gift, one that I value immensely. The gift I hope to give everyone in return is knowing they’ll be entering a space that is safe, nurturing and healing, and they’ll receive genuine, intentional care. My goal is to have people walk away from their time spent with me feeling relaxed and cared for, perhaps unable to remember the last time they felt so good.


How would you sum up your personal philosophy or mantra?


My personal philosophy/mantra: Water the garden that is my spirit. Take time to connect with nature, and feel in to those moments where I exist like the trees. I am here, and that is enough. Life’s a garden, dig it!


What is one self-care suggestion you offer to your recipients?


My one suggestion that I can offer people for self care is that no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s exercising, stretching, resting, or driving, listen to your body. Take time to check in and see how it feels and what it’s telling you.


Based on your experiences, what makes SunWater stand out from other wellness centers/spas?


I feel SunWater Spa is set apart from other spas because it is the one place I have been where there is intention nestled in every nook of the architecture and steeped in every aspect of every therapy. From the moment SunWater Spa was conceived the owners have had a vision of wellness and integrity for the land, waters, and all people who step in to this sacred space. When I’m here, I can actually feel this is a very special place on this planet.