Growing a Part of our Consciousness Through Sustainable Practices

By: Mackenzie Winebold

Stop what you’re doing, and go open up your closet. Take out a few of your shirts, and read the labels. Where are they made? What fibers and fabric are in the shirt? On a regular day-to-day basis, we overlook these small details. We prioritize our lives in order of importance, and our clothing labels fall low. The last thing to cross our mind is the damage our clothes can have on the environment. So what can you do? By taking just an extra 10 minutes out of the day to learn about conscious consumerism and sustainable practices, you
could have a substantial impact on the way the world consumes.

Some tips and ideas to consider during your next shopping trip could be:

  • Read the fine print – see where your product was made, what materials were used in making it, and see if portions of your purchase are being donated and how much is being donated.
  • Shop small – the more you spend local, the more your money stays local. Your favorite knick-knack store is closing, but you still purchase items on the internet? If you feel strongly about having local, independent businesses, you should make a great effort to support them!
  • Divest – learning this helpful and life-changing strategy could change the face of consumerism. If you are investing, or want to start investing, do your research and see where your money is going. It is super important to know where your hard-earned dollar is going and who it is supporting. If you see something that seems a bit odd or you feel is unethical, allocate those dollars elsewhere.
  • Hold your brands accountable – if you love a specific brand and want to continue to purchase from them, make sure you continually let them know how you feel about a marketing campaign they are running or if you believe something they are doing is unethical. Care about your shopping habits and take action on it. Companies will start to take notes. Unethical habits won’t change unless we do!
  • Shop locally – you keep funds in your community while experiencing personalized customer service.