Cati Perret

Cati Perret, a Colorado native, is one of our massage therapists. She integrates her lifelong journey of learning bodywork into each session. Cati is excited to work with you and your body in order to help you feel more alive and healthy!


1. How long have you been a bodywork practitioner and what was the path that led you into it?
Technically, I have been a massage therapist for the past seven years, but I honestly feel my entire life has been about bodywork. Gymnastics was my base and the start of the path that led me to bodywork, but my soul led me to massage therapy.


2. What is your favorite part of giving massage?
Everyone looks forward to a massage, whether they want it, need it, or it just surprised them. A massage is always welcomed. I love helping people feel like they can live and feel again. I also enjoy helping people understand how important our bodies are in allowing us to live life to the fullest, especially when we provide our bodies with nourishment. It is fun to watch people become intrigued by their own bodies.Many justify the aches and discomfort they ignore about themselves everyday because “that’s just life.” I am able to show them that they have a choice and that they can be and feel alive through the healing of massage. For myself personally, the zone and energy that goes along with massage flow is an incredible realm and I am lucky to be apart of it.


3. What gift does your work offer your guests? What do you want your guests to walk away feeling or thinking?

In general, my massage brings understanding and possibilities. During the session, I like to keep quiet and allow the full process of my body and soul to breathe. Afterward, I could talk for hours. I help people understand what I did and what they can do to maintain their body in between massages. My gymnastics background really helps with this part. It brings me back to the good ol’ days of my daily visit to physical therapy.


4. What do you like to do when you are not working? How do you like to spend your free time?

I like to go camping and fishing. Hot springs are some of my favorite places. Lazy days are the best, especially during cold, winter days. I love any opportunity to look out into space from a telescope. I am typically hanging out with my dog, family, and friends or studying as I am on my path towards becoming a Radiologist.


5. How would you sum up your personal philosophy or mantra?

Self love. I think it was a Buddha that said something like “you, yourself as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.”


6. What is one self-care suggestion you offer to your recipients?

Stretch and hydrate! I like to give people specific and easy-to-do stretches that maintain the benefits and love from bodywork after their massage.


7. Based on your experiences, what makes SunWater Spa stand out from other wellness centers and spas?

SunWater Spa is truly amazing. I grew up in Colorado Springs and always knew Manitou Springs was a special place. After discovering and actually working for the company, I honestly cannot help but love it here. I have worked for several places for the past couple decades, and I admire the love and spirit that seems to surround SunWater Spa. 

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