10 Hiking Tips For Adventuring Around Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is not just a quaint mountain town. It is also a serene and gorgeous hiking destination! Whether you are just looking to stretch your legs and see some Rocky Mountain views or challenge yourself to an intense summit, our ten hiking tips will help you begin your journey.


  1. Plan your hike. Manitou has so many beautiful trails so do your research to learn about what options are out there. Also be sure to do your research on what to bring, like adequate shoes, a map, and the rest of the ten essentials. Some of our favorite local hikes are the Intemann Trail and the various trails that meander through Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

  2. Know your limits. Choose a trail that is the right difficulty level to you. Manitou has easy and advanced trails, so work your way up to the harder hikes if you are not ready for them yet!
  3. Hydrate! Bring more water than you think you need. If you have a fur friend accompanying you, carry enough water for them, too! In our dry climate, you sweat more than you realize because it evaporates so quickly. The more you drink, the better you will feel while out on your adventure.
  4. A hike is not a hike without trail snacks! Bring snacks that are appetizing and energy dense. We love the snacks and granola bars that Mate Factor and Red Dog Cafe make!

  5. Acclimatize. If you are visiting from sea level, relax and enjoy Manitou Springs for the first couple days of your visit to give your body time to adjust to the altitude. There first signs of Acute Mountain Sickness feel like a hangover and include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion. If you begin to feel these symptoms during a hike, head downhill, hydrate, and rest. If your symptoms do not improve with a lower altitude and rest, please call a medical professional.
  6. Show your skin love! Colorado is a LOT closer to the sun, so cover your skin with sunscreen before your hike. Afterwards, pay a visit to one of our estheticians to further give your skin nourishment.
  7. Bring a friend, or make one! Some of the joys of hiking are even better when shared. Grab your traveling companions and find a trail that fits both of your comfort levels. No one to hike with, no problem! There is a wonderful hiking community in Manitou Springs, so take advantage of some of the more popular trails by meeting a new hiking buddy.
  8. Learn to love Colorado’s weather. Nothing is guaranteed in Manitou Springs when it comes to weather. Often, storms will arise out of nowhere. Bring your rain gear and layers on your hike and find a sheltered place to relax if a storm rolls in. As they say, if you do not like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes.
  9. Take your time and pace yourself. With such beautiful trails, it would be a shame to hike without stopping for breaks to take in the view! Snap some photos and enjoy our arid and mountainous terrain. If you are lucky, you may even capture a view of Pikes Peak!
  10. Replenish after your hike with a soak in our mineral springs. Our heated mineral water soothes tired muscles and aids in the healing process. Plus, if you are headed towards the infamous Manitou Incline, after climbing those steps, a soak is exactly what your muscles need!