Parking in Manitou during the months of August & September 2021 can be challenging.

Several events are happening the months of August and September in Manitou. From parking lot construction to multiple events and fairs, your visit can be affected. We want your experience at SunWater Spa to be as stress-free as possible. Therefore we recommend using Public Transit, Uber, or Lyft. Please build this consideration into your plans when scheduling your spa visit.

SunWater Spa has 14 designated parking spots for its guests. Unauthorized parking at these spots will be ticketed and towed.

Metered Parking in Manitou

Please be aware that The City of Manitou Springs has recently added metered parking in front of SunWater Spa, and around Memorial Park. Please check the City’s website prior to arrival for the most detailed parking information. SunWater Spa does have 14 designated spots for our guests between two locations: Memorial Park and The Hiawatha Parking lot.