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March 21, 2021:

We are experiencing phone issues today. Please be patient as we work to restore our phone access. If you need to contact us, feel free to email us at: Thank you.

The Tava Truck will be closed on days when the high is predicted to be < 30°F, or when the forecast calls for more than 3″ snow.

Be inspired. Experience bliss.

We invite you to experience the healing waters that make SunWater Spa so unique; the life-giving Sun, the Earth, our native healing plants, and the practices of the indigenous cultures that have thrived on this land. SunWater Spa features mineral-water soaking in cedar tubs and offers select spa treatments and event floor rentals. Announcing Yoga classes hosted by Yoga Home starting April 19, 2021, in the Heart Center at SunWater Spa.

  • Please be aware that The City of Manitou Springs has recently added metered parking in front of SunWater Spa, and around Memorial Park. Please check the City’s website prior to arrival for the most detailed parking information.
  • SunWater Spa does have 14 designated spots for our guests in The Hiawatha Parking lot.

March 21, 2021:

We are experiencing phone issues today. Please be patient as we work to restore our phone access. If you need to contact us, feel free to email us at: Thank you.

  • Online booking is now available for our mineral water soaking tubs. Click here to reserve your spot.
  • All guests are required to sign a new waiver. Click here to sign.
  • We request that staff and guests wear face coverings and follow 6-foot social distancing guidelines while on site.
  • NEW! Covid Vaccination update 3/7/21: If you have received a Covid vaccination, please wait at least 48-hours before receiving massage or bodywork.
  • Soaking and spa service appointments must be made and pre-paid online.
  • SunWater Spa asks you to bring the following personal items if you plan to soak:
    • A Towel, Bathing Suit, Robe, Slippers/Sandals, Water Bottle, A Garment Bag to keep personal items in while you are on-site.
  • We are open from 8am – 10pm Tuesday – Sunday, and closed on Monday.
  • We no longer accept walk-ins. Please reserve your soak from our soaking page.
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My massage therapist listened to my requests, repeatedly checked in with me to make sure the pressure was okay, and ultimately trusted me when I said yes. Getting a massage while traveling is always a gamble, but this was absolutely the best on-the-road massage I’ve ever had, and I’ve had lots of them.

– Lydia

We enjoyed a couples massage and soaked in the mineral water cedar tubs. Great setting for a romantic evening. No need to drive to the mountains when this beautiful spot is in your back yard.

– Lisa

I visit SunWater Spa at least twice a month. I find the staff to be friendly, welcoming, and appreciative of my patronage. The facilities are great and the surroundings are gorgeous; there is beauty everywhere, even in the bathrooms and changing areas!

– Joe

The staff was kind and helpful and pools were a relaxing treat. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and the views make it extra special.

– Katrina

My daughter and I had a spa day. It was so peaceful and serene. Everyone had such good energy and our facials were a delight. I can’t wait to go back; this is our new favorite place.

– Angelica

From the very beginning of our spa day we were attended to. Every staff member was caring, and they wanted to make sure we had nothing less than an excellent experience.

– Kendra

This place is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough. I had my bachelorette “getaway” here for a relaxing weekend with my gals. Me and the hubs go here as much as we can (perfect for date night!)

– Jessica

I would describe my experience at Sun Water as nothing short of marvelous. The staff and facility were wonderful. Not to mention the breathtaking views! 

– Samantha

Had a wonderful experience here! The facilities were clean & beautiful & the massage was amazing! Highly recommend!

– Christine

The staff was so friendly when i walked in, and i was immediately impressed with the atmosphere, cleanliness and energy of the spa! The whole place is so beautiful and relaxing.

– Shay

Loved every minute! I arrived early for my massage to take advantage of the soaking tubs.  My massage and foot treatments were top notch.

– Allyson

This was my first time at a spa and it was better than I imagined. Very relaxing and fun. My massage therapist was very attentive and professional. I’ll definitely be back!

– Angela

After a nice long soak, I got a massage and then a facial, and both therapists (plus the woman who escorted me to each) were super sweet. Their talents really added to the experience – i suggest you spring for some kind of service to really get the full treatment. 

– Jessica

I absolutely love this place. When I used to live here I would go here to relax. This is my go to spot for a Brazilian wax!

– Jennifer

What an incredible experience! The 2 of us spent 2+ hours randomly soaking in various tubs & pools scattered around the roaming 3+ stories of what I would describe as a mountain retreat. And then we indulged in 1-hour couples massages.

– Yvette

Beautiful Place. They have a really great yoga studio, and I loved my class. I also got a massage and soaked in the tubs/pool, it was a great experience.

– Caleb

I’d been having issues sleeping with shoulder and back pain these last few days and went in for the deep tissue massage and it was amazing. I couldn’t be happier leaving SunWater Spa.

– Caitlin

If you’re in from out of town, it should be on your bucket list to watch the sunset over Pike’s Peak from in a mineral hot tub. 

– Courtney

I go every week for a soak to relieve stress, force myself away from my phone and my work, and to watch the sunset and watch the stars appear. 

– Courtney

I love to soak, plunge in the cold pool, go back to heated saltwater pool, get in the sauna, and then lay down in a hammock under the stars. Best money you’ll ever spend on yourself.

– Courtney

I’ve never felt so rejuvenated. Friendly staff and very tranquil atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone!

– Sagan

Super relaxing and the staff is incredibly attentive. If you ever have a chance to do a package, they are well worth it.

– Stephanie

A friend and I recently attended an Aqua yoga class here and it was a great experience. The facility is beautiful and peaceful, and made us feel like we were having a spoiled spa experience the whole time we were there. 

– Laura

Wonderful place to relax. Lots of different therapies to choose from. I personally love the sauna and saline plunge!

– Dresden

I had the MOST amazing massage and INCREDIBLE yoga class when I was visiting Manitou Springs last week.  Definitely would recommend this spa to anyone!

– Megan

A lot of businesses and organizations aim to totally capture the senses and instil a sense of complete relaxation and healing. The rare business, such as SunWater, actually manages to achieve this–and more! 

– Zachary

I just took a top-notch Sivananda Yoga class here. It is so nice to have a place here in town which hosts this sincere and traditional form of Hatha Yoga and Satsang!

– Brian

The soaking facilities here are also incredible! I love to go early in the morning when they first open and enjoy the breathtaking views of Manitou and the mountains while resting and renewing in the mineral waters.


Finally, Colorado Springs metro area has a wonderful destination for soaking bliss. A variety of quality wood tubs, each with interesting views are located on several levels of this beautiful building. Then there’s the awesome indoor soak pool with adjoining hot and cold dips for ultimate pleasure and relaxation.

– Jim

SunWater Spa is my “happy place”.  Great Staff, beautiful yoga studios, great saline pool and the hottub soaking is amazing.  The landscaping and views are beautiful and calming.   I LOVE this place.

– Kim

Soaking in the 7 minute spring water is just what the earth intended for us to do. Thanks for “opening” up a spring, helping in a way to return it to its original form!

– Luke

Got the private tub for 2 hours. The mountains were covered in snow and snow was falling while we soaked. The experience was amazing and the view was breathtaking. 

– Raymundo

After a week of hiking, SunWater Spa was the best way to end our vacation. 

– Em

This spot is an oasis in the mountains. The soaks are great, the views incredible. I would definitely visit again – felt like a great spot to relax on vacation and beyond!

– Jenn

An amazing spa nestled in Manitou Springs. From the yoga to the spa services to the mineral soaks there is no better place to come and relax.

– Amanda

There are many different yoga classes to chose from. The spa services are phenomenal, the soaking tubs are relaxing, and you feel like a new person after spending a day or even a few hours here.

– Amanda

The staff are not only professional but personable. You feel comfortable and relaxed while you are at SunWater. I would highly recommend spending a day or two here!

– Amanda

Stopped in for a relaxing day on our honeymoon and were not disappointed. Beautiful views and beautiful bathing tubs. It was a great place to relax and unwind.

– Amy

I was traveling from NJ to Denver, and decided to treat myself to a massage. It was the most amazing experience, and I highly recommend this spa to anyone in the area! 

– Lindsay

I had one of the most incredible female therapists and got the Juniper Lymphatic massage. It was the best massage I’ve ever received. She was seriously fabulous. You also get water and this chocolate treat in the room before you start – I was treated like a queen!

– Lindsay

While I was in Manitou Springs, I was fortunate to be able to spend some time at this lovely, restorative spa. I attended a few yoga classes and I enjoyed all of them very much.

– Margaret

The selection of spa services is truly impressive. I had never had a Thai Massage and took the opportunity to schedule one. I left the massage feeling very calm, centered, grounded, and in a state of well-being.

– Margaret

Can’t believe how lucky Manitou Springs is to have SunWater Spa.

– Dark

It’s not only the rebirth of the town’s long history as a destination for health and healing in the natural spring waters, but also a much needed update that offers true hot water healing and relaxation in an absolutely gorgeous new building surrounded by cascading waterfalls and spectacular view of the mountains and the town.

– Dark

This place is like a dream. So much thought and detail went into every single nook and cranny. A beautiful place for healing, rejuvenation, yoga and wellness. One of the most amazing places on the planet I have ever experienced.

– Joshua

A favorite local enchantment for restoration, healing, retreat, and fun. I feel entirely lucky that this world-class spa is just right down the street! 

– Katey

I have been going to SunWater for years and have enjoyed a variety of the services and events there. I have always had a great experience and gotten amazing service from the masseuses, etc.

– Mariah

My bestie brought me here for my birthday. It was amazing. We had a couples massage, body wrap and soaked all day in between. I never thought I could quiet my mind completely but I found myself completely lost in the scenery, sounds of the water and calming music.

– Sara

This gorgeous healing space calms my mind and fills my heart. The staff is so warm and welcoming! I highly recommend getting a Watsu, a water therapy that will leave you so relaxed you will almost be drooling.

– Teri

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