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Experience the healing power of the Seven Minute Spring, massage, facial, water therapy, and so many other holistic wellness practices with us. Book your spa day today.



Mountain Healer
Designed for athletes to heal aching muscles, this therapy pairs powerful, restorative wild sage oils and potent mountain arnica with the most effective and pain-relieving therapeutic massage techniques.
60 minute – $100
90 minute – $130

Tree of Life
This immersive massage recreates the effect of walking in fragrant forest. Let the wild essences of pine, fir and cedar wash over your senses. Feel refreshed, relaxed and awakened.
60 minute – $100
90 minute – $130

Juniper Lymphatic
Combining traditional Swedish and lymphatic techniques, this treatment enhances the body’s own cleansing mechanisms. A special blend of organic botanicals supports liver function, tones vascular tissue and boosts circulation.
60 minute – $100
90 minute – $130

Breath of Life
Experience deep relaxation as your whole body enjoys increased circulation and oxygenation. This full body massage utilizes Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus and Lemon to target symptoms of altitude sickness and seasonal allergies. Please do not schedule a treatment if you are contagious.
60 minute – $100
90 minute – $130

Mountain Mother
A gentle, nurturing massage designed to support pregnancy and target possible discomforts such as backache, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema. Our special formulation of pregnancy safe oils will soothe your senses and aid in the prevention of stretch marks.
60 minute – $100
90 minute – $130

Target Relief
Need a quick fix? You got it! Book a 30-minute table massage, and one of our skilled therapists can work on that pesky problem area with hydrating jojoba oil and arnica salve to penetrate deep into muscle tissue.
30 minute — $60

Chair Massage
Need a quick fix? You got it! Book a 15 or 30-minute chair massage, and one of our skilled therapists can work on that pesky problem area.
15 minute -$30
30 minute — $50


Thai Hot Poultice
Pure Jojoba oil is massaged into the skin. Then steamed, fragrant, healing poultices of pain relieving herbs and spices are used to knead muscles along meridian lines. The warm moisture and nutrient rich herbs relax muscles, loosen energy blockages, and stimulate blood circulation, resulting in a feeling of profound relaxation.
90 minute – $145

Sacred Stone
Let the radiant heat of basalt rocks penetrate and unwind muscle knots and ease tension in this ancient massage. Allow the aromas of Jasmine and Sandalwood to calm your mind as the warm stones help to balance and ground your body. A gentle lifting face massage using cooled marble stones and Prickly Pear Facial Serum will leave you feeling refreshed.
90 minute – $145

Chakra Journey
This beautiful full body massage incorporates 7 luxurious oil blends. Each oil is vibrationally attuned to one of the seven basic chakras and will nourish different aspects of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. This treatment invites relaxation and encourages energetic alignment and balance.
90 minute – $145

Peak Vista Restorative (Available May 1st – September 30th)
A unique Manitou Springs experience. Enjoy a dazzling view of Pikes Peak (Tava) with an open air table massage. Allow the fragrant aromas of native botanicals to leave you feeling refreshed and energized!
90 minute – $145



The ultimate private spa experience. Enjoy a 30 minute soak in our exclusive Tava Tub surrounded by the beauty of nature. Afterwards, receive a luxurious 80 minute side by side massage in The Nest with views of SunWater Spa, Pike’s Peak and Manitou Springs.
Choose your favorite from our Traditional Massages.
120 minutes – $295
Or upgrade to a Specialty Nirvana and choose from our memorable Specialty Massages.
120minutes – $325
Please contact us to schedule)

Om Shanti
Take turns receiving a relaxing 40 minute massage in one of our unique spa service rooms while the other soaks in our indoor, private clawfoot mineral tub with a stunning view of Pike’s Peak. This soak and massage combination will send you both into peaceful bliss!
90 minutes – $190

Take turns receiving an Ursa Minor facial, and enjoying a mineral salt soak in our private clawfoot tub, with a stunning view of Pikes Peak. The salt bath and facial will send both of you into a state of deep relaxation and leave your skin glowing.
90 minutes – $170

Create Your Own
All of our massage, specialty massage, and Watsu may also be scheduled side by side. Call 1-866-SunWater to create your own couple’s experience today!
Traditional 60 min – $190
Traditional 90 min – $250
Specialty 90 min – $280



Thai Yoga Therapy Solo


The art of Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient and sacred system of healing, with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice.


This unique and powerful oil-free therapy is performed on a soft, dense mat using rhythmic movements, acupressure, gentle stretching, assisted yoga poses, energy work and meditation. The client and therapist are clothed in loose, comfortable clothes to allow for ease of movement.


Thai Yoga Therapy stimulates and balances energy flows within your body, opening blocked areas and encouraging a deeper sense of balance, harmony, and wellness.


90 minutes – $130


Couples Thai Yoga Therapy – 90 minutes – $250
Contact us to schedule



Aqua Cranial

Aqua Cranial is a gentle yet profound, non-invasive aquatic therapy supporting health for the whole body especially the nervous system. Experience being floated in our heated, saline therapy pool, feel the flow of cerebrospinal fluid as it is supported and surrounded by the warm waters, and relax as your system brings itself into natural balance.

This therapy is especially powerful after accidents, brain injury or any trauma to the body. Includes a dip in our hot and cold plunge pools.
30 Minutes – $60
60 minutes – $100


Immerse yourself in our warm, saline pool, supported by leg floats and your highly trained Watsu therapist who will gently hold, rock and manipulate your body to stretch and move fluidly in the water. You can also choose to participate in a “water dance” with your therapist in which she will guide you under water in delightfully graceful ways impossible on land and uninhibited by gravity.

Your experienced therapist is prepared to work with any limitations you may have, and you will emerge refreshed, rejuvenated and reminded that you are supported and deeply cared for. Includes a dip in our hot and cold plunge pools.
30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $100

Watsu for Couples

(Please contact us to schedule)

75 minutes, one therapist – $120
30 minutes, two therapists – $110
60 minutes, two therapists – $190
GROUPS UP TO 4 – 90 minutes total – $130



Cascading Falls
Refresh your mood and rapidly re-hydrate dry skin with this luxurious blend of vitamins, essential oils and hyaluronic acid.
60 minute – $90

Garden of Eden
Ease your mind and protect sensitive skin with active layers of vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals designed to nourish your skin at its deepest level.
60 minute – $90

Ursa Minor
A short yet powerful facial. Natural cherry enzymes exfoliate the skin, letting it glow from within.
30 minute – $60


Sun Radiance
Your skin will glow after this delightfully fragrant cherry mask. These powerful products are infused with natural enzymes, glycolic acid and antioxidants that helps fight the aging process. Indulge in our luxurious peptide blend that is loaded with glutathione – the mother of antioxidants.
60 minute – $100

Tea Tree Purifying
Purge impurities from your skin with an acne clearing clay mask infused with aromatic tea tree oil; a natural antiseptic that calms irritated skin. Enjoy the benefits of our high frequency treatment that controls acne at an even deeper level.
60 minute – $100

Designed for the unique needs of men’s skin, this soothing treatment is loaded with botanicals that will nourish the skin and calm irritation.
60 minute – $100



Sage Mud Smoothie
After a gentle dry brush exfoliation to stimulate your immune system, enjoy a full body turquoise sage clay mask. While the mud gently draws impurities from the body, your neck and scalp experience a relaxing massage with prickly pear serum. An invigorating shower rinse is followed by a turquoise sage body butter application, leaving your skin soft and hydrated
60 minutes – $110

Sacred Grains Purification
In this unique treatment, tight muscles are loosened with an application of nourishing oil before honey and wild sage grains are dusted over your skin, leaving it refreshed and cleansed. After rinsing off the sacred grains, the final touch is a hydrating application of our lavender and sage body butter.
60 minutes – $110

Desert Glow Wrap
This luxurious treatment begins with a body polish of pure cane sugar and prickly pear extract drenched in jojoba oil. A shower rinse is followed by an application of rich shea butter enriched with prickly pear extracts. While you are wrapped in soft linens, drift into bliss with an uplifting face and scalp massage with prickly pear facial serum.
60 minutes – $110

Silk Road Wrap
This perfect combination of spicy, stimulating and relaxing starts with a luscious full body sugar scrub containing chai vanilla spice essential oils. A shower rinse is followed by an application of our moisturizing chai spice body butter. While you are wrapped in soft linens, let your tension melt away with a luxurious vanilla chai foot massage.
60 minutes – $110

AromaTouch® by doTERRA®
An aromatherapy technique featuring pure oils, hand-selected for their cleansing, calming and revitalizing aromatic qualities are applied sequentially with soothing touch to the back and feet to help bring you into mental, physical and emotional balance. Oils Featured: doTERRA Balance® (spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile, fractionated coconut oil), doTERRA On Guard® (wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary), AromaTouch® (cypress, peppermint, marjoram, basil, grapefruit, lavender), Deep Blue® (wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, german chamomile, helichrysum, osmanthus), Lavender, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, Peppermint, and Fractionated Coconut.
45 minutes – $100



Contact our friendly front desk staff to add any of the following services to your massage, facial or wax appointment 719-695-7007


Infrared Sauna
Free to add to your spa service! Choose from our wellness program options and book with our friendly front desk attendants.


Your face and scalp hold more tension than you know. Let your tension melt away with an ayurvedic style head and face treatment, and warm, nourishing oil, of a light, floral bouquet.
15 minutes – $35


Hand in Hand
An exfoliating scrub followed by an indulgent hand rub with rich body butter to soften skin and soothe tension in your hands and forearms.
15 minutes – $35


Sole Renewal
A relaxing foot soak and exfoliating foot scrub, followed by a refreshing foot rub with rich body butter that will leave your feet feeling revitalized and hydrated.
15 minutes – $35


Hand and Sole
Combine our ‘Hand in Hand’ and ‘Sole Renewal’ treatments to experience ultimate relaxation for your extremities.
30 minutes – $55


Sahasrara and Sole
Combine a head, neck and scalp, and foot treatment for the ultimate head to toe experience.
30 minutes – $55


Hot or Cold Towel Application 
Adding hot towels to your massage will warm your muscles, increase circulation, and allow your therapist to access deeper layers of tissue for a more effective massage experience.

Adding cold towels to your massage will help cool you down during the hot Summer months, and reduce inflammation and pain, especially after a strenuous workout or injury.
Add to your Massage- $5


Please contact us to schedule any of these services



Our wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. The wax is applied warm, then removed gently, leaving skin absolutely smooth. This refined waxing technique is comfortable and result-oriented.


Eyebrows —$20
Lip —$10
Chin —$15
Face —$40
Side Burns —$15
Ears —$10
Brazillian Wax —$55
Brazillian Wax Maintenance
(book after initial visit) —$45
Bikini —$35
Half Arm —$30
Full Arm —$45
Full Leg —$70
Half Leg —$45
Toes —$10
Chest —$55
Back —$55
Belly —$10
Underarms —$20

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Add a soaking Day Pass to any service – $30
Add a two-hour soak to any service – $15

If you require an elevator to go upstairs or have any special needs, please call to book your appointment with one of our front desk attendants today: 719-695-7007.  We are happy to accommodate!

Cancellation Policy: We ask guests to guarantee all reservations with a credit card. For services: , If less than 24 hours notice is given, 50% of the treatment value will be charged. If an appointment is missed, 100% of the treatment value will be charged. For Events: If less than 48 hours notice is given, 50% of the event value will be charged. If the event is missed, 100% of the event value will be charged.