The Farm reaches across four properties, built on a rocky bluff in the northeast region of Manitou Springs. It includes the historic properties of Onaledge, Rockledge, and Red Crags. This vast area of 6 acres includes buildings and landscaping features prior to the creation of SunMountain Center, and has expanded to incorporate these existing structures into visionary changes.

We strive for our practice to honor those who have worked the land before us by making use of their projects. We will rehabilitate forgotten plants and trees, retrofit an old meat smoker to heat our greenhouse, and more. We respect and value that which we inherit from nature and commit ourselves to the healthy management of wildlife: fauna and flora.

At SunMountain we have a number of different animals on and around the farm. Most notably, Goats, Pig, Rabbits, Chickens, and Ducks. These animals are on the farm for a specific purpose, whether that is for food products such as milk and eggs, food matter integration, fertilization, or plant growth, they are all part of the organism.


A diverse plant selection grows across all six acres, supporting the health and handicraft of the Center. The kitchen utilizes most of these agricultural products, and because of this, the kitchen and the land are strongly linked. The Kitchen Garden is an entire zone dedicated to kitchen craft, with emphasis on quick access. This garden provides a close by connection to the kitchen’s agricultural foundation, which is complemented by foods from additional growing spaces


Hearty perennial herbs like mint, oregano, and thyme will be available year-round to dining guests, and annual herbs like dill, chamomile, and spring onions will be some of the first greens to sprout. The shady microclimates of the patio garden beds will be inoculated with edible mycelium such as white button, portobello, and lion’s mane mushrooms. The diversity of mycelium and plant species will bloom into a vast array of colors and textures, supporting the natural beauty of this important gathering and eating space.


Join us for a walk along the SunMountain Farm pathway, rich with the smell of earth and evergreen


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