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SunWellness is grateful for the acclaimed press coverage we have received for creating sacred space for healing and transformation. Below, you’ll find a selection of publications in which we’ve been featured. As we continue to gain media coverage, we’ll update here.

Pikes Peak Bulletin

Feburary 8, 2018


Valentine’s Day is fast approach- ing, so you’re running out of time to decide what you’re doing for and with your special someone.

Manitou Springs offers many ways to share the love, whether it’s an experience or a gift.

The Smokebrush Foundation’s Living Arts program is hosting a “Celebration of Love & Life,” featuring music, dance, poetry and love stories. The star of the evening: Roma Ransom, a duo spreading “love, light and high vibrations through psychedelic folk jazz.”


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Colorado Yoga + Life Magazine



SunWater Spa is a top-notch yoga and wellness facility in Manitou Springs. This sanctuary gives guests the opportunity to relax area’s sacred mineral waters, receive a rejuvenating spa treatment and connect to your spirit in the yoga and movement studio. Founder Kat Tudor is the visionary for SunWater Spa and is active in leading yoga classes for visitors and the local community.


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LA Yoga

Feburary 2017


Soak for Serenity. A Type-A person surrenders to the rejuvenative power of hot water.

I know what to do to relax. After all, I’ve been a healthy lifestyle and spa writer for 15 years. My first book was even focused on how to find your serenity. for years, I maintained a regular stress-reducing routine that seemed to keep my mind and body in a state of perfect calm.
Then I had a baby. As a single working mom, I often forget how to relax and I know I’m not the only one. Relaxation, after all, is not necessarily about what tasks or techniques to do, instead, the art of relaxation involves setting up the situation that puts my mind in such a place that I can allow myself to relax.


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Kat Tudor | A Visionary for Healing Arts

October 31, 2017


Kat Tudor often is described as the visionary behind SunWellness (SunWater Spa, SunMountain Center, Smokebrush Foundation). But the vision runs so much longer and deeper than these relatively new SunWellness expressions of her vision in Manitou Springs.


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Newsweek Special Edition: Mindfulness

July 2017


ON EVERY inhabited continent and for as long as records have been kept, bathing in the springs and pools fed by the Earth’s ancient aquifers has been a cultural staple associated with relaxation, reflection and regeneration. In many cases, “taking the waters” has been claimed to result in increased physical health and cure from mental and physical affliction. In Japan, bathing retreats built around springs, known as onsen, are passed down from generation to generation, supposedly offering the blessings of family gods and benevolent spirits in addition to mineral soaks. In Russia, trips to the sauna are punctuated by bracing dips in ice water. In Iceland, visits to the springs are one of the main community activities. At the Dead Sea, there are those who claim the salty waters have healed the ailments. And at Manitou Springs in Colorado, the Ute Nation once hosted tribes from across the Westat their own healing springs, the properties of which were so revered that regardless of the often bitter struggles between tribes, anyone who visited the springs first gave up their weapons.


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Become ‘One’ with SunWater Spa

August 11, 2016


It’s hard to believe that sunWater Spa is celebrating its first anniversary. The spa was inspired by a trip to Rishikesh, India, where business partners Kat Tudor and Don Goede bather in the clean headwaters of the r Ganges River during a spirit-cleansing ceremony. Hoede mentioned that Manitou Springs was like Rishikesh but without the river.
Tudor responded that Manitou’s mineral springs have the same healing properties as the Ganges.
Thus the two collaborators were drawn to create a healing arts space, which ultimately became SunWater Spa, revolving around the magical water of this town.


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New spa in Manitou Springs will showcase the city’s historic mineral waters

July 5, 2015


Manitou Springs’ history runs deep below the city in the form of bubbling mineral springs, which were embraced first by Native Americans and later health seekers who believed in the healing power of the waters.


When the SunWater Spa fully opens in a few weeks in Manitou, it will tap into that history to create what its founders say will be both a world-class spa and healing center.


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Summer heat? No sweat! Have a blast and feel like a carefree kid again with water exercises that slim and energize

July 6, 2015


Ahh! Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than taking a dip in the pool, lake or ocean. And though we never realized it when we spent our childhood days splashing away, it’s also an excellent way to tone muscles and melt flab, says trainer-to-the-stars Kat Tudor, fitness director at SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs, Colorado. “Exercise in the water is just inherently fun,” she says.


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Soak in the off-season south of Denver

October 22, 2015


There’s something in the water. From Alluvia Spa’s built-in babbling decor at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, to the healing minerals of Manitou Springs and the rushing symphony of Seven Falls, the eastern helm of Pike’s Peak is a piece of this state that’s drenched in wellness.


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Liquid gold Manitou Springs still looks to an aqua-renascence

December 17, 2014


Manitou Springs will soon have a “hot” spring, a marriage of the town’s natural cold springs and Colorado sunlight.


The new SunWater Spa, home to the springs, has now risen to a three-story-high beauty with luscious curves, an organic vibe and spectacular views of Pikes Peak off decks and through floor-to-ceiling windows that open like garage doors. It’s taken a little longer to complete than originally expected; it’s now scheduled to open in spring.


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Just add water

October 10, 2012


Don Goede leads the way up the steep, long stairs of Manitou Springs’ historic Alabama House.


“You call it an ‘aha moment,’ an ‘epiphany,’” he says spreading his arms out at Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountains, which are bathed in golden light. “These views, for me, they just get my heart beating, they really do.”


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